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Powering freelancers

We showed that giffgaff is powering freelancers to work free with 5G


The type of powerful computers and hardware used for things like video/audio editing are so expensive and cumbersome that you generally have to be within a corporation in order to use them and physically be in front of them, like in an editing suite or computer lab.


The bandwidth that comes with 5G means that the processing can happen remotely on a different device connected to the more powerful workstation. This blows the door wide open for people who want to work remotely.


Giffgaff offers you control, flexibility and freedom. So does 5G. This makes giffgaff the ideal network for the freelance community and remote workers - something that with the current situation is suddenly more relevant than ever.

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OOH Mockup Bench.png
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Out of home 

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Airport Final.png
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We re-designed the packaging to appeal to women, changed the tone of voice in communications, provided an empowering message and offered and easier way to buy and carry condoms.

Social Media

We invited freelancers around the country to share their favourite spots for working on the go. 

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Giffgaff social 2_1.jpg
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Giffgaff social 3_2.jpg
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In collaboration with Harrison Romney

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